10 Reasons Why Digital Business Cards are the Smart Choice Over Traditional Paper Business Cards and why to use it as a hybrid solution

"Today regular printed business cards are an issue. You can not share them when on distance in video meetings or after phone calls and it's an expensive solution to print. In time many cards going to end up in the drawer or in a bin. It also takes time to get new business cards. Traditional printed cards have an issue due when your company change addresses, phone numbers, business info or when you got new employees. And when you really need the Business Card you often have forgot it at home. 

EKOQRD® is the solution to all these problems, and with our solution, you can of cause use the technology in your regular marketing material."

With regards to companies administration, digital business cards are a brilliant approach. In addition to the fact that they are more moderate, they can likewise be imparted to anybody, anyplace. You never forget your card again and you can share your employee and company information in a personal and professional way. For the customer, it’s easy to save your card directly into the address book on the phone.

Professional presentation
  • Modern and professional
  • Perfect to share, especially when more work is on distance
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  • Additional NFC Products.
  • Use the EKOQRD® technology in your printed material.

This is unique with EKOQRD® 

More about EKOQRD® Technology

Alternative for actual business cards enter the market, there are two arising patterns: Near-Field Communication (NFC) business cards and advanced digital business cards. We at EKOQRD® have combined NFC to support your Digital Business Card as we also of cause support to share your Business Card with Smart QR-codes, mail, SMS and in social media. Our customers have the freedom to create marketing printed material or even NFC cards that connects to the EKOQRD®  tech. 

While comparative in idea, there are various key contrasts that recognize NFC and its partner, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards from advanced business cards. With NFC and RFID business cards, you actually need to buy and haul around with you an actual business card (or comparable item that contains a NFC tag), and, most unmistakably, you should be in closeness to the individual with whom you’re sharing your card. 

Then again, computerized digital business card applications platforms—like EKOQRD®—are frequently much better price as you in same time got a smarter way to share the Business information that you want to share. You can also add NFC-products connected to the Digital Business Card and use EKOQRD®´s smart QR-codes in your company’s marketing material. You never need to stress over failing to remember your business card at home on the grounds that as long as you have your telephone on you, you’ll have the option to share your business card with anybody, anyplace. (Indeed, you can share your EKOQRD® computerized digital business card with anybody, regardless of whether they don’t have the application!) EKOQRD® works without application and is compatible with all devices and system like iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and all Internet browsers. 

With applications like EKOQRD, advanced business cards are simple to make.  

Still not certain in the event that you ought to go with NFC or computerized business cards? Here are 10 reasons why advanced business cards are the savvy decision over a NFC business card: 



  1. With computerized digital business cards, you don’t need to heft around an extra actual card, but you can of cause connect your marketing material or buy NFC products that is connected to EKOQRD® if you want to.

Have you at any point forgot your business card at home when attending to an important meeting? Do you have a professional business card to send your customer after a Teams or Zoom meeting?  

Probably the greatest benefit of advanced digital business cards is that as long as you have your smartphone or SmartWatch on you also have your professional Business Card in your pocket or on your arm. EKOQRD® is also the perfect solution for sharing your business information like a Pro after or in a Teams/Zoom meeting. Its then easy for your customer to save your card to the phone contacts and then you are in your customer address book permanently. And your contact in the customers address book going to stand out from all other contacts because you have an image and full Business information etc. 


  1. A professional and modern approach to share an advanced digital business card 


NFC’s tap-and-go innovation is an or more to a few. While conceivably more advantageous than paper business cards for face to face organizing, it represents a quick test in case you’re organizing from a good way, as over a Zoom call.  

Computerized business cards are the fate of systems administration in a post-COVID19 world. Regardless of whether you’re directly close to somebody or many miles away, with EKOQRD you can send your computerized business card to anybody, regardless of whether they don’t have the application. You can share your business card utilizing its special QR code, email or text your card to somebody, Airdrop your card, present the connection on your card on your social channels, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can likewise have Siri share your card, utilize the EKOQRD iOS gadget (which puts your QR code on your telephone’s home screen), or send your card with the iMessage application. In the event that you love “tap-and-go” you can even utilize EKOQRD with NFC innovation, yet more on that later.  

You can share your shrewd advanced business card utilizing a QR code, email, instant message, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  

You can share advanced business cards utilizing a QR code, email, instant message, and then some.  


  1. Connect and use EKOQRD® technology in all marketing material and buy NFC products from us or do it yourself  

EKOQRD® is a hybrid platform that integrates with your traditional marketing materials. You can also add and connect NFC-products from Us or it´s also possible to do it yourself using our technology. 


  1. No app is needed with EKOQRD® technology


With EKOQRD® you do not need to download any application in APP-store or Google Play. Our platform works native out of the box because our Standard is adopted by Apple and Google and Microsoft. You can simply add your own Business Card as an APP on your homesceen without download anything. 


  1. With a Digital business card you can easy change your business information in a minute and the NFC card do not need to be reprinted, its always up to date

Advanced digital business cards are totally adjustable, and you can always when you need change the information that you want. It’s also possible with enterprise solution to have dynamic content or AI created content in your card. 


  1. EKOQRD is eco-friendly

Advanced business cards are harmless to the ecosystem—there’s no extra waste being produced using them and no pointless non-renewable energy source utilization. Indeed, even venture organizations are perceiving this, and are beginning to move more towards advanced business cards for every one of their workers.  

All our physical NFC products are made from recycled wood or PET-plastic that is more environment friendly. 


  1. You’ll never lose your advanced digital business card 

You never going to lose your Digital Business Card from us. If you lose your NFC business card that is connected to EKOQRD® someone will probably find it and send it back to you.  

  1. A Digital Business Card give you many benefits and you also get an autogenerated email signature to add in your email 

On EKOQRD®, you can utilize your portable business card to make virtual foundations for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet so you can without much of a stretch offer your card during any video call. In the event that a ton of your business depends on email, you can use EKOQRD®´s email signature highlight, which utilizes your card to make a mark that connections back to your electronic card.  


  1. Perfect with digital business cards when working from home and groups and organizations

Today we work more from home. In pandemic times we need to stay in home and work. Then there are more important to have a professional and personal employee presentation. With EKOQRD® all your employees get a professional, modern and good-looking presentation to share the way they want.  


  1. Collect statistic and get a provider that already working on future solutions

With EKOQRD® Enterprise solutions it’s possible to follow up on who viewed/viewing your cards and what they do. Did they save you to the address book or do you want a notification when they come back again? 

At EKOQRD® we listen on what our customer needs and we develop our services and function every day. 



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Get modern with EKOQRD® and start share your Business and contact information like a Pro.

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