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"Today regular printed business cards are an issue. You can not share them when on distance in video meetings or after phone calls and it's an expensive solution to print. In time many cards going to end up in the drawer or in a bin. It also takes time to get new business cards. Traditional printed cards have an issue due when your company change addresses, phone numbers, business info or when you got new employees. And when you really need the Business Card you often have forgot it at home. 

EKOQRD® is the solution to all these problems, and with our solution, you can of cause use the technology in your regular marketing material."

Digital Business card 

A business card is most often used as a gift from one person to another. The card should be saved as a reminder of you and your business and therefore it is of utmost importance that you focus on both quality and design when you create your business card. 

EKOQRD® is the new standard of digital business cards that works on all modern devices. The system can connect with traditional and printed marketing material. Technology is the future of how business and individuals share their contact information in a personal, modern and professional way. 

NFC/ QR Business tags and digital Business Cards

It’s also possible to add NFC sharing tags that are connected to EKOQRD®. All tags are environment friendly, such as handmade recycled wood tags.

If you do not have a digital business card? 

Then it’s time to get modern and get EKOQRD® to boost your sales and marketing! The digital card can be shared from distance or on spot. It’s easy to update and it’s always in your pocket. You can share with QR-code, NFC, SMS, Social media, mail etc. It’s a good investment and you going to save money on printed cards that end up in the bin.

Professional presentation
  • Modern and professional
  • Perfect to share, especially when more work is on distance
Additional NFC Products
  • Additional NFC Products.
  • Use the EKOQRD® technology in your printed material.

This is unique with EKOQRD® 

Printed Business cards

Printed Business cards

The most common choice is a matte or glossy 350 gram paper, which is a little stronger and gives a feeling of quality and seriousness. Do not forget to generate smart QR-codes from the EKOQRD® platform to show on all your printed cards and printed marketing material. Please contact our support to help design your codes! 

What is a business card and what should it contain?

Business card is a small card of paper that contains contact information about the owner. With EKOQRD® you get all this information digital and as same time your customer can fast save your card to the phone. The following information should always be included on your business card:

First and last name

Email address

Mobile number

Academic title

If you use the business card in the service, you should have the following information:

The name of the company


Service or title

Mobile number

Any web address for the company

Dialing number for the company

What size should I choose for my a printed business card?

The standard size of business cards differs between different countries, but all are between 70 and 100 mm wide and between 50 and 55 mm high. The standard size in Sweden is 90x55mm, but 90×50 is at least as common.

The thickness of a business card also varies, but the most common is to choose a paper between 250-350 grams. This is a thicker paper to make it as durable as possible. With us you will find business cards that are 250, 350 and 450 grams.

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printed business cards

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Designing a business card

When designing your business card, think informally and clearly. The main purpose of a business card is to provide information about oneself or one’s business. Therefore, it is relevant to have a logo, company name and personal name.

In order to be able to reach you as a business card holder, it is essential to have contact information such as email address and telephone number, even if there is a switchboard number for the company so that you can get hold of someone if the business card holder does not answer.

A tip is to make the design of the business card simple with a clear font so that it is easy and informal to read. It is also important that the business card looks interesting, this you can get through colors. The important thing about colors and fonts is that it is consistent with what the company stands for so that it does not get messy.

Regardless of whether you have knowledge of design programs or not, you can easily and smoothly order your product through us. We offer graphic help, which means that we design completely based on your thoughts and ideas.

The history of the business card

The use of Business Cards can be traced back to ancient China, but within Europe they seem to have originated in the 16th century. However, it became most common in Europe during the 17th century.

In the past, the business card was used on five different occasions. During visits, during courtship, for shorter messages, for identification of gifts or documents and marking of place or luggage.

The use of business cards occurred in the upper and middle classes in Western culture in the 20th century. At this time, the rules on how to hand over a business card were complicated. Gentlemen were allowed to send two business cards, one to the gentleman and one to the wife of the other family. Ladies, on the other hand, were only allowed to hand over to the wife of the other family. There was a golden rule that a married lady should never hand over her business card to a gentleman.

If you wanted to say something in person through a business card, you would fold the card in one of the corners. The corners of the business card would be folded in different ways depending on the meaning you wanted to convey.

The use of business cards as was done in the past is less common today. Nowadays, business cards are used by employees in companies and organizations.

More uses

A business card can be used in many other ways than the above, it is only the imagination that puts a stop.

The small size of the business card is perfect to use for both stamp cards and appointment cards.

If you run a restaurant or shop where you want to give your customers a gift or discount when they have shopped over a certain amount or a certain number of times, it is perfect to create a stamp card the size of a business card.

If you run some form of service company where the customer books their time before a visit to you, we recommend an appointment card the size of a business card. With this card, the customer can easily keep track of their booked times with you, at the same time as you receive advertising as the card also contains your logo and contact information.


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Get modern with EKOQRD® and start share your Business and contact information like a Pro.

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