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Welcome to a smart Business Card that’s good for you, your customer’s partners, and our planet! 

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As a customer, you have got your Custom EKOQRD® page address from us. Visit this address and start adding your Business Card to your home screen on your smartphone. Below is a video on how to do this with an iPhone.


Save your card to your homescreen

If you ordered NFC-cards/ Keyfob you can fast scan it with *BLIPP* (NFC) or QR code.

Help videos youtube playlist:

 Get fast access to share your digital business card when sendning SMS:

You can download free app like ”copied” for iOS and you get a extra keyboard to add your business card links and other links you foten what to have access to when typning an SMS/iMessage/WhatsApp etc. Then you dont have to leave the typning section to send your digital business card link.


How do I scan a QR-code?

QR-codes works today on all new iPhone and Android phones directly from the main camera APP. You just scan the code or let your customer scan it with the camera application on the phone, and *POFF* they coming to your EKOQRD® page where they can read more about you and also save your .vcf Vcard contact file to the address book in the phone.

Why do you have 2 different QR-code on my NFC-Card?

EKOQRD® is developed to work with all your marketing and marketing material. We have developed three main QR-codes that you can use and included in your subscription. The main 2 QR-codes we use is to fetch your online profile and second code is to add your .vcf card directly to customers phonebook. The magic with our second code is that the code is small but we can input images and big files to it.

QR 1:
To fetch your online profile.
Example URL:

QR 2:
To download your automatic updated phonebook file included with your profile image.
Example URL:

QR 3:
A .vcf vcard QR that works in flight mode/offline.

How do we do and use QR-codes in our marketing material like brochures, magazines, ads, etc?
You can by yourself do QR-codes connected to your EKOQRD® profile page/pages. If you need help to design a custom QR-code we can help you free of charge. It´s included in our subscription to help create QR-codes. Please send us a message by mail or WhatsApp if you need help.

How do NFC works?

NFC is a short name for Near Field Communication and is widly used in for example all payment cards. *BLIP* to pay.

NFC works and is fully supported on iPhone 11+ and on most Android phones. With Android, you may have to activate NFC settings. In Samsung, the NFC-phone chip is on the middle of the backside of the phone. All iPhones have the NFC chip on top of the phones near the cameras.

Add Card to homescreen

Save Card to contacts (iOS Safari)


Please contact our support for inquiries or help.