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EKOQRD® was founded in 2018 by trailblazers. With a wealth of collective business experience in our arsenal, we recognised the archaic and wasteful practice of handing out traditional business cards and set out to revolutionise how people do business and connect with each other.
Our headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden but our outlook is international.

Muskötvägen 23
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Simply put, we want to help. Each year, 10 billion traditional business cards are printed around the world, 88% of which are discarded within one week. That equates to a lot of trees being cut down, affecting habitats and carbon dioxide levels. Our mission is to eliminate this waste by digitising business practices and bringing them into the 21st century and in doing so, contributing to a sustainable future.

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In Swedish culture, ‘lagom’ means ‘just the right amount’. As a notion it is deeply rooted in the belief that sharing is caring and that collectively, we are stronger together. It permeates everything we do here at ekoQRD, with a healthy dose of Scandinavian minimalist philosophy thrown in for good measure, and it defines our core values; trust, harmony and equality.


At ekoQRD we pride ourselves not only on what we do, but the people who do it. We derive our success from a deep talent pool of the brightest minds in business and product development.

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