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  • Automatically generated email signatures based on employee’s information
  • Max 24h delivery and free support

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Additional: Custom made Recycled Wooden NFC tags (One time cost)

Tap and share NFC Card in Recycled Wood + Keyfob

Made in Sweden (free worldwide shipping)



All that a modern business card needs and more

Digital Business Card - SV Digitalt visitkort NFC
Modern clean Responsive Design

EKOQRD® sets the future of business card design. 

Design FOR your brand

EKOQRD® have created a standard for Digital Business Cards and our standard layout is going to fit your company or organisations brand. As standard, we customize colours, backgrounds, images, videos etc.

We can also customize the layout and design completely and connect a domain or subdomain for Enterprise solutions.

As standard your name, title and company with your future profile image going to be visible when you share your card in Social media/ iMessage etc.

We have succeeded to make companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft adapt our approach.

WORKS with the apps you use

EKOQRD® is compatible with over 300+ apps for iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Our system integrates with all modern smartphones and Apps.

If something is missing for you, we are here to help. Everything is possible with EKOQRD®. 


With EKOQRD® your company going to boost your global search engine score and also get a higher rank in Google and all other search engines.

Of cause, you can individually choose to not index an employee/ department or entry company in Google, or you can choose to keep all hidden. We have then solutions to rank up your general department’s cards.

Direct Action Buttons

The main buttons in EKOQRD® are directly call send SMS/iMessage or an email. Also the company website have a place here. The buttons are simple, clean with functional animation.

Here is also the social profiles button visable if you want. You can add your LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube or Facebook profile.

SAVE to contact book

With EKOQRD® it’s easy to save the contact to the address book in the customer’s phones. Your contact details including the profile image stand out against the customers other contacts.

We can store unlimited information in a small esthetic clean designed QR or NFC code and we can help you to design specific QR-codes including your company logo in the code. 

You are free to use the EKOQRD® codes in all your other marketing material you create digital or printed.


In EKOQRD® there are 100:dres of ways to share your business card. You can use the phone integrated sharing system as well as your QR-code or sharing buttons with SMS/ iMessage, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Messenger etc.

Of cause you also can share your business card with NFC tags and your custom-designed QR-code.

Add to homescreen

EKOQRD® works like a native app in iOS or Android and it’s simple to add your card as an app, then you have easier to find your card and it’s going to work even in flight mode.

Offline avalible

EKOQRD® have developed a smart system that can let you show your card in flight mode. We also offer Offline tags.

Interactive Content

Connect your marketing videos or the interactive content you like to show. Different employees can have different videos and images etc.

NFC tags

EKOQRD® offer unique exclusive wooden credit card-sized NFC cards. The wood is recycled from waste wood. We helping you to program the NFC cards as well as print or laser engrave the business cards. NFC business cards are good due to a personal meeting and the customer can fast blip your card or QR-code.

Wooden NFC cards is an exclusive handmade product. We also have NFC plastic cards with print made from the most environmentally friendly plastic or other tags that are not so expensive.

All modern smartphones have native support for our NFC solutions and technology.

Instant updates

Update an employees card instantly. You login into the EKOQRD® platform to edit your cards. You do not have to print anything. Just change the info you want and keep on sharing!


EKOQRD® stats for how your business cards in the organisation are used. We can create reports with standard analytics values.

We can also to enterprise customers gather more detailed statistics after your organisation needs. Also, it’s possible to create dynamic content based on different visitors.

Spamsafe mail signatures

EKOQRD® going to autogenerate professional spam-safe emails signature to all your employees. Now every employee going to have the brands signature in all emails.

Appointment booking(Plus feature)

As a plus feature, we can connect our own appointment system to the business card you want this future on. Our appointment booking system can also connect with your calendar due to a private calendar feed. 

White label Connect domain (Enterprise)

With our Enterprise services you can connect your domain to the EKOQRD® platform. It’s like a white-label solution.

Dynamic Content (Enterprise)

We can integrate your external services to show up in your Business Card. It can be products that are currently for sale or anything you want to show.

With EKOQRD® everything is possible!

Contact Us for custom solutions.


A very good service that gives us as a sales organization and company a modern image and convenient way to share their business card. Perfect to not have to remember to bring traditional business cards and great as the service works even remotely and has given us great signatures in the mail.

WIlma Lindahl
WIlma Lindahl2022-02-20

Good service and nice way to share my details in zoom or in person.

Steven He
Steven He2022-02-20

Perfect for me who have many kind of business profiles as an consult.

Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker2022-02-17

Love EKOQRD! Sooo good! Thx!

Lucas Harris
Lucas Harris2022-02-15

Very good can recommend Ekoqrd!

Björn Andersen
Björn Andersen2022-02-06

EKOQRD have make our company modern without any effort!

Jens Steven
Jens Steven2022-02-03

Good and smooth service! Recommended to all companies and consultants etc.

Alyona Lysenko
Alyona Lysenko2022-01-20

Good service and a good Digital business cards that helping us with marketing and sharing the business info we want. Can recommend to also take the Wooden NFC cards.

Christina Wilhelmsson
Christina Wilhelmsson2021-01-07

A professional and modern way to share my business information. I still have some paper cards but with the ekoqrd service links and QR. This is smart and simple way to share your .vcf/ Vcard and business info etc.

Alexander Greens
Alexander Greens2020-11-12

Clean as a whistle! Use daily and works great. Recommended!

Andreas Franzén
Andreas Franzén2020-09-18

Great! Our customers like our new Business Cards. It's a perfect to use because we have added the ekoqrd special QR-codes and likes to all our marketing material. Also our employees have signs for customers so they easy can add our salesman to the phonebook. And also cool that the profile image gets added to customers phone with all updated info. Can recommend this service, and also good support, thx!

Daniel Baxter
Daniel Baxter2020-09-17

Very satisfied and we have been using and using the EKOQRD digital business cards every day since 2018.

Joackim Möller
Joackim Möller2020-06-02
5 Star rating
ekoqrd vit
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